Helpful Real Estate Articles for Winnipeg Buyers & Sellers

Knowledge is power.

Whether you're a home buyer, seller or even an investor there is bound to be something beneficial in this library of articles i've put together.

My goal by sharing these informative articles with you is that you'll become a more knowledgable home buyer or seller, and most of all so you can be able to make educated decisions.

Please take a look at all 15 PDF files. I hope you like what they have to offer.

Sincerely, Kyle Scrimshaw

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Should i Buy First or Sell First.pdf

The answer to this question is truly a double-edged sword, but it's my hope that the following article will be of great service to Winnipeg Buyers and Sellers.

First-time Buyers Plan 8 Steps to Buying Smart.pdf

This informative article is perfect for First-Time Home Buyers!

What Expenses to Expect When Buying a Home.pdf

Are you curious about what costs are involved in the process of purchasing a home? If yes, then you need to read this informative article.

10 Ways to Conquer Clutter.pdf

Here is an article with some steps to help you pare down those piles.

Eco-Friendly Decorating.pdf

These cellar-to-ceiling decorating tips can help you create beautiful spaces that are as easy on the environment as they are on the eye.

Home Staging 101.pdf

Staged homes sell faster. Why? Read this article to find out!

5 Tips for Marketing a Great First Impression.pdf

Read this article to learn how to capitalize on a great first impression and dazzle anyone who walks through your door.

Factors that Affect Market Value.pdf

This article shares with a home buyer or seller on how the real estate market can be affected, what attributes influence value, and the different types of markets in Winnipeg real estate.

Maximize Your Curb Appeal.pdf

First impressions are everything. This detailed article will assist home seller's with a set of guidelines to follow to ensure the property has plenty of curb appeal.

A Moving Decision Hiring Pros or Doing it Yourself.pdf

This article is full of questions and answers that will help you figure out your best option when deciding between DIY moving or hiring a professional company.

Moving Day Checklist.pdf

I've compiled a few expert tips and strategies for getting through moving day with all your stuff - and your sanity - intact.

Finding the Perfect Neighborhood.pdf

This article offers a few questions and answers that can help a home buyer figure out if a neighborhood is right for them.

The Short Report on Home Inspections.pdf

My goal is to always share enough material with my client(s) so that as a homebuyer you can make an educated, and the appropriate personal choice on whether to employ the services of a reputable home inspector.

Mortgage Shopping Made Easy.pdf

This article here offers some basic steps that a prospective home buyer can take to ensure that they find a mortgage that works for them.

How a Pre-Approved Mortgage Can Help You.pdf

Whether you're planning the purchase of your first or fourteenth home, it pays to obtain a Pre-Approved Mortgage. See how doing this will help your home buying experience.