Curious about a recent SOLD or New Listings being put on Market?


A Little Curiosity Can Go A Long Way!

Have you ever been curious as to how much the home down the street recently sold for?

I can almost guarantee that we have all wondered about such information, but unfortunately somewhere down the line we never found out the actual sale price because either we were too busy, completely forgot, been unsure about asking the home owner, or maybe we just weren't sure who to contact for such information.

So the real problem is that we didn’t have an EASY method to obtain the information we had been curious about. Well I have just the thing for you!
By simply filling out the form on this page you will be enrolled in a complimentary service to access valuable market information. Completing this form will open up access for you to receive NEW Winnipeg MLS® Listings, or all recent Winnipeg home sales in your MLS® area.

Once you have completed filling out the basic contact information go ahead and let me know what property you're searching for, or what area you're looking for new listings in. This is a COMPLIMENTARY Service, and there is no Cost or Obligation.

It'll be an absolute honour to assist you.

Sincerely, Kyle Scrimshaw